Each piece of Joyce Needham is a handcrafted one of a kind piece of art attempting to define women’s personal journeys through self-expression.


Spiritual influences are reflected in words discreetly inscribed on either the back or  the front of each piece,


“Live, Hope, Believe, Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Forgive, Laugh at Yourself…”  


It is Joyce’s hope that when wearing this jewellery, or using the art pieces women will find in their selves the truth that will free them to be exactly who they are…the uniquely created, one of a kind, woman that is taking chances, forgiving,  laughing and loving.


Joyce has been developing her art for over 20 years.  She has travelled extensively throughout the world and draws from the influences of many cultures and experiences.  Her faith is a deep influence that she draws from and is inspired by in her art and life.


The jewellery is handcrafted from raw porcelain and undergoes three separate firings. For the third firing the clay is lustered with 22 kt. gold, white gold and/or mother of pearl.  With the variety of techniques and designs, a person may buy a piece of art that will not be duplicated.